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M. J. McClymont

Horror Fiction Writer


Available Now!

Terrors from the Toy Box

A Phobica Books Anthology

In a dark corner of the attic lies a wooden box burgeoning with forgotten relics from bygone decades. Evil effigies of plastic, metal and wood claw their way out of their dusty confines into your very nightmares.


Devil dolls and terrifying teddies, abominable action figures and gruesome games all lying in wait for the opportunity to be free to wreak terror once again.


Get your fearsome fix of selected short fiction by some of the best horror authors around the globe.

Including 'Faux Joe' by M.J. McClymont


"Full of slick storytelling, deft turns of phrase, and thick with atmosphere, this is nice mixture of old-school quiet horror and the modern violent variety. It would make a great episode of “The Twilight Zone”."

- Welcome to the Hellforge (Review of 'A Darker Sound', Heavy Metal Nightmares)

Praise & Reviews

'Creeping with the occultist subject matter and over-the-top nature of the 70's and 80's pulp classics, such as found within much of Guy N Smith's work.  Zach Black's contribution to the anthology throws in buckets of blood, gore, satanic rituals and horror-tastic suspense. There's no sitting around waiting for the plot to be painstakingly laid down here.  Black launches the reader straight into the thick of the satanic mayhem that forms this action packed short. An explosion of horror delights!'

-Review of 'Hell's Horseman' (M is for Monster)

'"Running with the Dead" is a memorable vignette exploring the vitality and freedom death could offer.'

-Review of 'Running with the Dead' (ALT_DEAD)


About M. J. McClymont

M. J. McClymont is a writer of weird tales and horror fiction.  He has written numerous short stories which have appeared in anthologies, magazines and websites.  His work has been described as a mix of classic and contemporary fiction reminiscent of 70s and 80s horror fiction.

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